hanks for checking our the video portion of my site.  Will update this area with race and training videos on a frequent basis.  Intend to have a helmet camera soon so you can - hopefully - see what it is like to follow a guide. 

My official portrait from the USOC (courtesy of Joe Kusumoto)

Following my guide at La Molina, Spain, downhill

Following my guide at La Molina, Spain, slalom

Following my guide in the 2010 Paralympic Downhill at Whistler, BC

Catching air off the "Hot Air" jump at the 2010 Paralympic downhill

Photo of Super G training at Mt. Hood, Summer 2009

Whistler World Cup Downhill, March 2009.  I had the fastest final training run time and believe I would have won this race had I not fallen in an easy turn.  The Paralympic downhill course will be identical to this course.

Whistler Super-G, March 2009.  Megan and I were slow in this race and we will need to be much faster in the Paralympics

Whistler GS, March 2009.  I pretty much stunk this race up.

Whister Slalom, second run, March 2009.  Much room for improvement...